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this past weekend i went home to help with the first harvest of honey from our hive! it was a most sticky and happy occasion. kirby, the chief apiast in the engelman house, oversaw the whole operation as we worked from early saturday morning into the evening to get as much of the golden liquid as we could from the combs. such hard workers, those bees— they made seven and a half gallons altogether!

that night, we celebrated with a honey-filled harvest feast. menu below. twas quite delish.

honey harvest feast

saturday september 29, 2012

kung-pao chicken tacos in blistered tortillas with roasted peanuts and red pepper

grilled fresh sweet corn from the farmer’s market

asian slaw of napa cabbage and carrots, ginger chili oil rice vinegar dressing

miette pistachio and orange cornmeal cake with honey mascarpone cream, raspberries

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