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{spicy home made mustard.}

more treats in jars this morning!

another christmas gift that i have yet to put down is the glorious cookbook home made by yvette van boven. the pages of this paper cutout-clad chronicle are each filled with some tasting bit, be it in the form of an outdoor roast that uses the sea breezes as a form of seasoning, or a simple tea scented with some exciting star anise.

one afternoon, kirb and i discovered that there was a rather heavy absence from the fridge- mustard. this burnt orange paste is surely our condiment of choice, and having it no where near was something of a distress. nonetheless, yvette to the rescue!

making of homemade mustard is something of a snap. it’s simply whole mustard seeds pureed with vinegar, turmeric and a bit of sugar. initially, when the mixture is finished whirring in the processor, you may be shocked by its heat, but a good sit on the shelf or in the fridge will mellow it out to a manageable degree.

we also made a sweeter version, adding a generous drizzle of agave nectar to a smaller batch. each was delicious!

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